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Opening your Bible takes discipline.
Stop feeling stuck and start reading with us.
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    Let us do the planning!

    We're hard at work creating Scripture-centric bible reading plans, full of useful extras, that will help you understand God's Word.

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    Whether you’re studying independently or with someone else, choose the product and payment frequency that best suits you.

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    Every month, you'll receive our newest study book (or two!) to read along with women all over the world!

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What You’ll Receive

Everybody Loves Mail

Save over $120 per year (That’s like getting 5 books free!). The 2019 SRT year includes 12 Study Books & 3 Seasonal “Big” Study Books (Lent, Summer Study, Advent). Subscribe at any time* & your shipments will begin with the current Study Book.

Upcoming Deliveries
  • October
    Mourning & Dancing
  • November
    Advent 2019
  • December
*Shipping calendar is subject to change without notice.
SRT Study Book
$20 /mo
$240 + free shipping
She + He Bundle
$40 /mo
$480 + free shipping
HRT Legacy Book
$20 /mo
$240 + free shipping
*your first charge will occur at checkout.
subsequent charges occur on the first of each month.

We love to take great care of our ‘Shes’. As an auto-ship subscriber, you’ll get a free subscription to every plan in our app, extra goodies in your box, and exclusive access to monthly discounts on other great She Reads Truth merchandise.

God's Word
is Enough.

We believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately all we need to read and respond to Scripture, and we keep our words separate to prevent distraction.

Our study books intentionally include the Scripture reading plan only—with just a few written guides for each section. Written responses to each day’s reading are found exclusively on and the She Reads Truth app. Join us there for further commentary and conversation.

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Need More Answers?

Do I receive a book every month?

You will receive at least one book per month, a total of 15 per year, in sync with the SRT community reading plan schedule. And, our Auto-Ship orders are always the first to go out! Yay!

I just signed up for auto-ship! How do I know what book I receive first?

The title of your first book will be indicated at the top of the shop listing where you chose your subscription options.

When will I get my first book?

Once you sign up for auto-ship, you will receive an order confirmation email with your book’s shipping date, followed by a shipping notification with tracking number. We’ll ship your book right away, but in some instances depending upon your sign-up date, your first delivery may not align with the current community reading plan cycle until your second shipment.

Will I receive current promotional items?

While we can’t guarantee the inclusion of promotional items in addition to your auto-ship savings, it’s our priority to ensure joy is delivered to you each month. Auto-Ship subscribers will receive exclusive discounts with each of their shipments.

Can I apply a discount code?

Discount codes cannot be applied to auto-ship subscriptions.

How much do I save with auto-ship?

Purchasing all 15 books at regular price (12 books at $24, 3 books at $32)=$384.00
Over the course of a year, you will receive 15 books at a discounted price, with an average savings of 31%. (That’s like 4 free books!)

How do I track my shipment?

Your tracking number can be found in your shipping notification email. Tracking information may take 1-3 days to update. If you haven’t received a shipping notification email, look at your order confirmation email for the shipping date.

Do you ship internationally? How long will it take?

Yes! We cannot guarantee international shipping, as delivery times vary according to many factors outside our control, but we always make sure you’re the first out the door!

When will I get billed?

Your card will be charged once the day you become an auto-ship subscriber, and the first of each month following. You’ll receive a package every time your card is billed.